(re)Programming the Brain by the Body

Bruno Lequeux, physiotherapist specializing in neuroscience applied to motor skills, has developed a new concept in neuroplasticity whose fundamental principle is based on the interaction between sensory information perceived during an exercise and the resulting neuromotor (re)programming.

Already awarded several times for his inventiveness, Bruno Lequeux now offers new concrete neuromotor solutions to patients suffering motor disabilities linked to a central nervous system deficiency :

Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Locked In Syndrome, ...

The proposed solutions, simple to implement, give hope to a large number of patients in real difficulty, and motivate people who wish to improve their physical performance or their well-being.

Our objective :

Ensure that as many people as possible can quickly benefit from the advantages of this new concept.

Articles :

Peripheral Origin of Neuromotor Reprogramming (in french)

Perceptual-Motor Rehabilitation Proximo-Distal Circumscribe (in french)