The GiroSpace concept finds its field of application in the sectors of rehabilitation, physical preparation of athletes and well-being. Its expertise is neuroplasticity applied to motor skills.

Simple to implement and non-invasive, the proposed neuromotor (re)programming solutions provide concrete, necessary and complementary answers to the optimization of implant approaches proposed by « Elon  Musk » (Neuralink) and « Grégoire Courtine » (EPFL).

Bruno Lequeux is interested to collaborate with :

  • partners specialized in connected mechatronic devices in order to develop an Artificial Intelligence Project focused on neuroplasticity applied to motor skills.
  • donors to support him in his search for premises adapted to the GiroSpace concept with the aim
    of creating a « Reference Center in Rehabilitation with Interdisciplinary Master Classes » which
    will be at the origin of the different orientations and therapeutic solutions to come.

« Be part of those who will have contributed give hope to the millions of patients in real difficulty
who have to face a motor handicap linked to a deficiency of the central nervous system »

Meeting you will be the first step of a scientific and human collaboration

Email : Demande Infos Collaboration

Phone : +32 (0) 478 576 141