The GiroSpace concept finds its field of application in the sectors of rehabilitation, physical preparation of athletes and well-being. Its expertise is neuroplasticity applied to motor skills.

At home, at the bedside of patients in hospitals, in specialized ambulatory centers, the proposed solutions are effective and simple to implement, and, quickly, Giroplan becomes indispensable to patients suffering from neuromotor disorders, to athletes seeking to improve their physical performance as well as to anyone concerned about their well-being.

Having scientific and technical mastery of GiroSpace concept and a thorough knowledge of therapy applied to neuromotor (re)programming complementary to the implants approaches proposed by "Elon Musk" (Neuralink) and "Grégoire Courtine" (EPFL),

Bruno Lequeux is interested in collaborating with :

  • partners specialized in connected mechatronic devices in order to develop an Artificial Intelligence Project focused on neuroplasticity applied to motor skills.
  • donors to support him in his search for premises adapted to the GiroSpace concept with the aim of creating « Reference Centers with Master Classes » which will be at the origin of the different therapeutic orientations and solutions of the future.

« Be part of those who will have contributed give hope to the millions of patients in real difficulty who have to face a motor handicap linked to a deficiency of the central nervous system » 

Meeting you will be the first step of a scientific and human collaboration

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