Neuroplasticity and Motor Skills


Neuroplasticity and Motor Skills


Neuroplasticity and Motor Skills


Neuroplasticity and Motor Skills

Peripheral origin of neuromotor (re)programming :

    Rehabilitation :  « Perceptual-Motor »  -  « Proximo-Distale »  -  « Circumscribed »

It is the fusion, the combination, the appropriate dosage of these 3 rehabilitation concepts which gives full value to this new therapeutic approach. 

It allows the patient to find himself in the necessary biomechanical and environmental conditions enabling the « early and repeated » realization of motor functions to be internalized.

Its advantage is to avoid or minimize the introduction of unwanted engine balances. 

Perceptual-Motor Rehabilitation :

Any intelligent information processing system needs information to act.

Not deviating from this rule, throughout life, the brain is constantly enriched by what it perceives and informs it about the state of the different segments of the body in action.

In the majority of cases, even years after the onset of disability, the brain remains sensitive to the peripheral sensory stimuli that nourish it and will inevitably lead it to produce an opportunistic motor response depending on the constraints imposed by the environment.

For that reason, as soon as the medical diagnosis is made :

  • The patient should be in a situation of permanent re-educational stimulation, as the ability to (re)structure and create neuronal circuits, at the origin of motor behavior patterns, remains mostly intact.
  • The patient should be placed in biomechanical conditions promoting stimulation and early recurrence of the new motor functions envisaged.

Proximo-Distale Rehabilitation :  (Proximo-Distal organisation of Motricity) 

The positioning of the different body segments gradually tightens the muscles at the origin of the various synergistic muscle contractions, which propagate progressively from the spine and trunk (proximal) to the extremities of the limbs (distale) 

--> so, in a « Proximo-Distale » way.

It will therefore be constantly kept in mind that each joint level serves as a support for the expression of the motricity of the underlying joints..

Circumscribed Rehabilitation : 

The motricity resulting from the information-action circuit originates from the awareness of : 

  • direction of applied resistance
  • visual, tactile and auditory stimulations used 
  • positioning of the body and body segments in action

It will therefore be necessary to place the patient in a circumscribed work environment that delimits and channels the movement very precisely because it determines the conditions of the development of the entire motor skills to be internalized.