A completely redesigned Motor Skills Workspace.

The GiroSpace :

The Rehabilitation « Perceptual-Motor, Proximo-Distal, Circumscribed »  Permanent

Has shown us the need to rethink the classical working environment in depth.

The founding elements of GiroSpace
are linear or giratory displacement trays equipped with dynamometric servomotors. These can accommodate accessories to interact and support the user's motor skills
in real time. 

Every movement of the body can be modeled with the greatest precision.

This concept offers such a wide range of possibilities that it stimulates creativity and opens the door to almost unlimited perspectives of development according
to the needs of the users.

An ergonomic and multifunctional exercise and assessment environment:

From neuromotor disability to the physical preparation of athletes :

Extremely easy to use in private, at the patient's bedside, in the hospital or in the physical preparation room, it allows the use of all functional rehabilitation registers.

A user-friendly and proactive electronic environment : 

An « Artificial Intelligence » to model and endorses the right movement :

Associated with augmented reality, it dialogues with the patient, visualizes the intensity of the activity of the muscles used and promotes the constancy of the effort.

Possibility of remotely modifying the exercises while they are being performed :

The user can continue his rehabilitation or physical training anywhere in the world and be supervised remotely by his physiotherapist or physical trainer.

A creative and secure collaborative informatic environment :

Provision of data promoting multidisciplinary collaboration and monitoring of rehabilitation programs or physical preparation of athletes.

This is the first time that a re-education device has been at the origin of the creation of large-scale collaboration and training spaces.

This approach allows a global and rapid distribution of new scientific research protocols.